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Solon, a wise man born more than 2500 years ago, laid the foundation of democracy in our recorded human history. Not many people remembers his name. Here we are using this platform to memorise this great man and to improve our knowledge of human civilisation. As a person luckily born in this modern period, we shall not forget history, otherwise, we will be dead inside like what the “Night King” wanted us to be. History can be reversible if we forget. Sam Tarly said this: “If we forget where we’ve been and what we’ve done, we’re not men anymore, just animals.”  So true, isn’t it? George RR Martin is a true genius. He can use those interesting fantasies to tell us the most important truth about this world. Martin has stated that “the true horrors of human history derive not from orcs and Dark Lords, but from ourselves.” But how many of us really understand this sentence? For anyone who comes to this website to read, I want to thank you for the visiting. The reason I named it Solons, is to memorise the ancient Greek philosopher Solon, who made a big contribution in building the foundation of modern democracy. We will use this platform to understand our past, our current and our future. It’s easy and it’s convenient to forget, especially if it’s some knowledge that requires too much thinking. Here we are trying to make all historical record fun and light, so that my gracious audiences and readers can enjoy 🙂 (Your contribution will be remembered and recorded in our ‘Solons White Book’)

The reason I want to tell my story to the world is because I have had very multicultural background, not only geographically, but also timely. I lived with my grand parents whose values were very traditional can date back to 2000 years ago when China was in ancient empire stage. My parents, who experienced transition of ancient chinese empire stage to communism, then communism to modern Chinese capitalism reform. I myself, being influenced by both my grandparents and my parents in early toddler hood, then lived 5 years in a modern Chinese city by myself and later moved to Australia. My life experience is like a condensed documentary recorded the fundamental differences between ancient and modern, between eastern cultural and western cultural. I witnessed how human behaviours change according to political systems and social environment. My early childhood was composed of two sides. Being the third and youngest daughter, I was in a very low social ranky, nearly the lowest in the family and in the whole country. My younger brother, who was the youngest child and the only son in the family, in my parents and my grandparents’ eyes, were the only hope of the family. He was spoiled and was the extreme higher class than me by being a son. I am not here to blame my family, as I feel actually being the lucky one who although was born a girl, a lower and useless class that were considered in that society, still got the chance to go to higher education supported by my parents. I was eager to search outside of the eastern tradition. When I was 25 years old, I managed to immigrate to Australia as an engineer, a developed westernised country. I have experienced so much here and I love this country. However, what I have experienced here made me realised, all the civilisation can be reversed and we should not take it for granted. Today, so many confusions have been caused due to the collision of cultural, religion, and new technology. USA, for a long long time, being the country that I consider the most developed country both economically and civilly that I admire, has just elected a president that is lower quality than Chinese dictators. Some people say: this proves democracy doesn’t really work. I want to tell the truth to those people. Thank god for creating democracy for american. Even low qualification and unsuitability for being a president, USA still can function like a normal country. Thank god for creating democracy, so that USA citizens can be prevented from having human disasters like Cambodian genocide, Mao’s great famine in China.