Keeping Younger

When we wash our cosmetics off the face, or take off the beautiful glamorous dress from our body, what we see is our true self. What we see, however, most of the time, is not the perfect ourselves we expect. Many girls keep their looks perfect from outside when they start to realize how much benefit they can get from this perfectly decorated face and body. However, when we face ourselves infront of the mirror, all we can do is try our best to accept, this is the true yourself.

Being as an asain woman, i have heard many people told me that they can not tell my age from my looks. Some people would thought younger, some people however, thought twice older than my real age. I however, feel lucky that no one can guess out my age. Few days ago, i realized there are dark circles arround my eyes, and something bump up under the eyes. I think it’s wrinkles. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s bloody wrinkles – the last thing you want to see on your face. I felt so down. I realized I am getting 30, and this is a natural thing that happens to everyone. No matter how young or pretty or fabulous you are or how much money you spend on your make up, you won’t be able to escape. I told my boyfriend. He seems quite calm. He said: it’s ok. you got the brain too. I suddenly realized a father told his daughter that: Beauty and youth will fade away as you age, it will disappear in the end. While education accumulate. My boy friend always encouraged me to study. He said, health and education are the most tow important things for a person. And education is the thing that once you get, no one can take it away. It will be with you all your life. Honestly, that’s the only thing I find my ex boyfriend said actually makes good sense. Girls, if you are trying hard to look for a loyalty boyfriend, I would suggest you rather give yourself some education which will be completely loyalty to you all your life.