I Pretended Being Ashamed

I come from China. Born in mid 1980s. I was taught to be ashamed of being touched by a man. Well, to be honest, I have never felt ashamed. My society back then taught women that it is your shame if a man touched you. It is your fault that this happened to you. Now I start thinking: “why women that were touched by other men should feel ashamed?” There’s nothing we did wrong. Nothing we could do to change at most occasions either. Also, our instinct reaction was never feeling ashamed. There are always two feelings we women would feel after being touched by a man. If he touched me after my approval, I would feel happy and possibly want to get closer. If it’s a disgusting man touched me without my approval, i would feel very¬† disgussed and annoyed, rather than being ashamed. There, i said it. I just pretended being ashamed before. Now i am not going to anymore.