Shame and Guilt

My react when I read that some fire vehicles got thrown bricks at:

I guess I wasn’t very aware of Australian history and maybe I should read more about it. I came to this country 6 years ago and sometimes feel people here don’t appreciate enough what they have. I traveled a short period in a small city in central china and was told just few months ago one of the neighbor’s several year old son and daughter were burned to death in the house simply because there’s no fire fighting infrastructural in the community! The neighbors tried to help and the parents were desperate to try to enter the room from the window on the second floor where the kids were trapped, but failed. Because fire was expanding so fast that no one could get close!

It is understandable for people having anger if they were treated badly before, but angry impulsive behaviors won’t do anyone good. White people changed their attitude is not because of your anger. Anger was there since the beginning. It is because of the development of civilization helped those white people realized shame and guilt. Western civilization is not all bad for indigenous. Emergency services is a very humanity and important support for every race and everyone. This is why I got emotional when I read this. Fire fighters risk their lives every single day to save other people in danger, while they can’t even wander safely in the community themselves.

Millions of people come to visit this country is not merely because of kangaroos, but more importantly the harmony combination of natural and human activities. Imagine if this country is invaded by IS, I believe either white, Asian or indigenous, will all fight for this country, for humanity. Now I believe the policies in Australia is slightly favor actually to indigenous. So take this chance to get you and your children better education, get better jobs and make Australia (your home land) more shinning and everyone will be more proud of. Do you really want to get rid of all westerners and make Australia a mere bush land like hundred years ago and you have to eat kangaroos for living all your life?