Will the world be a better place without religion(s)?

Tell me what do you think?

I personally haven’t been a diligent christian practitioner. Sometimes I wanted to go to church to do my worship, but somehow I feel I’m not qualified enough to enter the church. To me, it’s as if I don’t belong there since I haven’t been baptist and haven’t really practised a lot in my life. Maybe this is the suggestion I can give to the church manager. Try to make the church more welcome and open to normal people. Even just for people to sit there for a peaceful mind, it will be helpful.

We tend to believe the things either we know thoroughly or we don’t know anything about. While we were living in the age when we didn’t have enough food to eat, didn’t have enough clothes to keep us warm, and of course wouldn’t even thinking about education if you don’t even have basic life requirement. But at that time, we didn’t know much about the universe. We didn’t know what the shape of the earth was.

What christian bible is really about? A lot of people would just notice that it’s against homosexual. Some Christians would practise it as a very most important rule and thus mistreat homosexual people for this reason. But if these christians really read the bible carefully, he/she will realise this is not what bible is really telling us. In standard holy bible, word ‘kind’ appeared 276 time, word ‘love’ appeared 661 times, but if you search homosexual, you can barely find the word. Why we would exaggerate the gay/lesbian judgement much more than the much more important part of the part “kindness and love to all people”? Here I just would like to give christian religion a fair comment. It is not what we thought how it was.

It’s not a complete bad thing that younger generations today are more suspicious when it comes to religion. The older generation some big part of them were brought into religion in a forceful way by their parents. Nowadays, parents give their children freedom to choose what they want to believe. But this doesn’t mean the younger generations are lost. It’s just because they haven’t experienced the life their parents did and they thought the life is perfect with or without good behaviours. One unfortunate fact is they are practising their life with the maximum physical test. Someday in their life, they will realise that pursuing a maximum physical excitement will end up sadness and emptyness in their later life stage. But after that, they may start to realise the importance of the soul and spirit.