A Girl From Centre China

She used to despise her father and mother. Coz they seems only focused on the boy as if he was the only needed child in this family. The prejudice and ignorance of the parents during childhood made her so rebelling and wanted to be different from the whole society. She wasn’t a fan of Chinese tradition. She disliked most of the cultural coz just because she was a girl, she was treated as the second after boys. Also just because she was a child, she was dominated and was completely hierarchy from the authority – the elders. She started dreaming going away from this cultural and this society as it made her miserable. She was very upset with the falling behind, isolated, uncivilised and sealed chinese country side. She swelled she would go away from all these. She succeeded. She immigrated to a very developed country – australia. A country where women were more respected. a country where children were treated equally with the parents. A country where people are open minded. However, in the end, some part is what she has dreamed of, while there’s still another part she felt missing. In the end, she realised, that part of her is still being a chinese girl, which she will never change, which she will have to make herself get along with. Facing the difference of cultural, the huge gap between what she has experienced in childhood, and what she had experienced in this developed modern civilised country, she finally made herself be able to face everything peacefully.

During the experience of exploring the western world, a huge stimulation was from her dream of finding a true love, who could give her the missing attention during her childhood. The care and equality she always wanted her whole life. She got herself hit by quite many bumps. So far, she hasn’t found the person yet. There was once a man, who also had huge passion in international culture and relations, who was also interested in internal culture. However, unfortunately, they were driven by slightly different motivation. He wanted to protect Australia from the other world. She however, wanted to change china and bring more equal to the world. She has these beautiful dreams to make a change to the world. but not many men could understand or even just see it.

Even it’s not working for the relationship, she decided to let it go and do what she think she is granted to do for this world. She decided to contribute to this website and write down her stories, for those who had similar experiences as her, as well as those who wants to know what happened to this interesting girl’s life. Hope this experience will help to improve the world to a better place. A nice beautiful marriage is what she is hoping for, but is not what her life is for. She decided to live her life, not to limit her life by a pursuing a marriage. She decided to tell the true story of her own to the whole world. She believed, her true story will get some to this world.

Hopefully, someday, she will be able to make a film or show from her story.