Make it better

I’m actually not very confident how this will go. I come from China and immigrated to Australia permanently two years ago. My life experience urges me to build this group. I believe I will be happy for what I have done. This group aims at discussions about cultural, politics, governing, history, humanity and such. We are not here to propagandize how we should open the door for refugees, but to discuss topics like Different development histories of British Civilization, North and South Korea, Chinese 2000 years of dictatorship feudal History, Communist and etc. Helping making a better world sounds like a far away mission impossible for you or for me. However, if we, the lucky group of people in the world, today staying in a beautiful country, don’t need to fight for water or bread, or even just basic human rights, we then probably could do something to at least make more people know what can be done to help those deeply suffered nations. Also in the modern and civilized Australia, a large amount of people haven’t realized the importance of democracy and human rights. People that were born here can very easily take those precious political systems as granted. Please forgive me if I offended you, what i think is: Without the democracy policies, Australia might be no difference from North Korea today. Knowing politics and sociality, is not a choice, but an obligation. For you, for me, and the entire human beings.

If you have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to contact me.