What George RR Martin is really trying to tell this world?

Which is the biggest enemy of all?

Amongst the sexy nudes and blood scenes in this famous tv show, lots of people are also attracted by the animated stories and fantasies. I admire that George RR Martin is not only trying so hard to use his fantastic imagination and knowledge to attract the audiences nowadays who are filled with countless of movies and stories everyday, but also use those imagination to educate people in the world. To remind us the biggest truth neglected by the whole human beings for thousands of years.

What is the biggest enemy of all? This is not just happen in the show, but also reflect so well in our real world. So many humans trying to kill each other for the wrong reasons, while facing the ultimate enemy – death, every one is so surrendering and accept it as a must do. Telling every man must die is not much different from telling a slave that slavery is your destiny and fate granted while you were born. In the deep deep heart, humans want to live longer. It’s just the majority humans in the world, most of the time, have been fighting for the live of the present or the next few years. Those who have safe gurante for their lives, only have the opportunity to search for an extended possibility. Take the old kings in china for example, since 221BC, the dictating chinese king has started searching for eternal life. And since then, never stopped a Dynasty of searching for such possibility.

Today, those who kill for religion, for power, for hate or for greedy, will finally be sentenced by the ultimate enemy – death. And they all seem so small and helpless and obeying while facing death. As they can do nothing.

In this full of fantasies tv show, George has perfectly input the issue into this show and let every audience enjoy the show, and will have a notice of the biggest fact: All human’s enemy, is not each other, but death. To avoid death, humans need to union together, instead of trying to send each other to death in a earlier time.

This is why I like watching this show. It’s really not a simple show, but a show can enjoy and get educated.