Asian Women in Australia

Never thought I would write an article about this topic. Coz what I was thinking was – why care? We are all women. We are same women as all australia women. What I could find out in this topic?

I was born in China in mid 1980s. Moved to australia at my 27. After I worked for one year and met my basic material need here, I started to pay attention to all everything, around and inside me. I was taught to study for financial statement since I was in middle school. I was told to learn for better jobs, to earn more money, to be better. I am working as an engineer in a local company. I could have a smooth and safe life if I just follow all the same roads every engineer does here. I will be able to buy a big house. Marry a good looking nice man and give birth to several lovely kids. This was the perfect life style I was dreaming while I was in China. I bet all my friends in china would envy my life here then. Now I don’t have much to worry about. Everything seems is within the track.

But when I sit down and think for my life. I feel I am not myself. All my life, I lead my life according to what the society or my family expected me to live. I have never thought living for my own interest. I even don’t know what is my interest.

In western countries, kids are generally encouraged to do what they are interested to do. They follow their natural characters. If a kid likes photos, he’ll learn photograph as a hobby at least. If a kid likes animals, he’ll work or learn courses about animals in the university. While in China, you are not supposed to follow your interest. You are arranged. My courses in my university in china was arranged by the school. Now I am working as an engineer, which I still don’t know why.