Women Are Women

Remember back to 15 years ago while I was in China, I was a young fresh junior uni student, sitting in an English class room, listening to a foreign teacher giving lecture to nearly 200 Chinese students. It was a public university in a normal city in China. The teacher was a handsome young white fellow. He looked around 25 years age, comfortably intelligent and well mannered. He is obviously not coming to China to dig gold since no one would be coming to this place to teach if he/she wants to make any money. I heard salary for a foreign teacher in my uni was around $500 a month. Any job in US would make him a lot more than that.

I was excited. Didn’t see many foreign faces actually speaking English at my age. I was very curious about western culture. Reasons I have given in other posts. From a background where hierarchy was a number one rule in daily life, I honestly unconsciously felt that American people are at a more hierarchy level than we Chinese people. Look at their civilisation, look at their education, literature, science, environment …., what do we have better than them except our long history? There were three young American female teachers as well. They were cute, pretty and smart. I felt me and them are like two type of species in this universe. Although we all can talk and walk with two legs, I think in my hierarchy world, these people should be above the highest. The normal Chinese hierarchy system is like: King of China – Everyone works for him – State captain – Everyone works for him – City Captain – Everyone works for him – Village Captain and his fellows – My Ground Father – Grand Mother – Father – Mother – Younger Brother – Oldest Sister – Second Sister – Me. In this micro system in the uni, the hierarchy would be: USA teacher – Principle – Department Principle – Master Teacher – All other teachers – Class Leader – Classmate with good score – Me . This is almost like a formula we use for all our daily tasks. I have genuinely never thought there could be possibility that me be equal to those Americans. It didn’t bother me too much though. I had been living like that my whole life. I was used to it.

The USA teacher spoke very nice English with clear pronunciation and proper rhythm. I could tell he’s well educated from his speech even though I could barely understand the content of the speech. I was sitting in the middle of the crowd, listening to his nice American English, trying hard to catch what he was saying, like many other students in the class. Suddenly the crowd burst into a loud laugh. I knew he made a joke and I had no idea what the joke was, but I decided to focus so that not miss a joke again. The teacher paused a second then he continued again. “A student asked me today what’s the difference between Chinese women and American women?” He then surprisingly shook his head without answering the question directly and instead said that “maybe it’s a culture thing, but it’s not American women or Chinese women. Women are women! We say women in China or women in America, not Chinese women or American women…” It’s really funny that I forgot all the rest part of the lecture, but I remembered this sentence for 15 years. Women are women. Why we put a frame in front of a person to categorise her / him first? We are all women and we are all the same. From that day on, I realised how amazing this sentence has influenced me. I started to dare to dream big. I started to dig my potential and not give up just because I was at the bottom of the hierarchy world. This teacher gave me my biggest inspiration in my life. Later I found out that he was a church leader in the uni. Isn’t that a coincident?

Will the world be a better place without religion(s)?

Tell me what do you think?

I personally haven’t been a diligent christian practitioner. Sometimes I wanted to go to church to do my worship, but somehow I feel I’m not qualified enough to enter the church. To me, it’s as if I don’t belong there since I haven’t been baptist and haven’t really practised a lot in my life. Maybe this is the suggestion I can give to the church manager. Try to make the church more welcome and open to normal people. Even just for people to sit there for a peaceful mind, it will be helpful. Continue reading “Will the world be a better place without religion(s)?”

Truth or White lie

OK. Funny enough. It’s as if it’s a word no need explanation as it’s too obvious. Racism is like stealing. Most of us are all shamed of it because it’s not what a descent human being should do. But while facing people that keep stealing in front of the public and still can claim to the public: ‘I am the least stealing man you have ever met in your life…’ We all live in the 21st century, we are all used to logical communication coz simply nowadays, nearly every one on the planet has finished 9 years school education. So when facing some man doesn’t even understand the simple logic for an 8 year old, you suddenly just don’t know how to answer him. You know he is stealing. all his family know he is stealing. he perhaps knows himself he is stealing. But how can you reason to him if they just simply say ‘This is not stealing’ ?

Do we need a clear definition for Racism? No. Because, we all know, being racism is like stealing. It means taking advantage of people who are at a weaker position and have less power to defend for themselves. Racisms, are the ones who don’t want to work for more, but hope to be born to be given. Either for job opportunities or social status. Skin color is not like a bachelor’s degree that you need 4 years hard work to achieve, it’s not like good personality that need a whole life to accumulate, or not even a body shape that need to be maintained by exercise. It’s the most easy glow (if it counts) to get. In the past, people can simply get more respect just because their color is lighter. And some people are happy to take that advantage. No need to blame those because that was how the society looked like back then. Before Jesus was born, no nation has realised stealing, robbering, and murdering was shameful until later when the society finds out. However, different fact today is, we all know how shameful racism is, but some people still want to turn the history and civilisation wheel backward, because they are still missing the suger taste before when they didn’t need to do anything to get all the benefites since they were born. Do you know why the dictators in russian and communist countries are still sitting on their citizens’ head? Because of the advantages they can gain. If you don’t know how to protect a fair society, if you want to bring the beautiful country back to a place where the stronger are encouraged to take advantage from the weaker, you may end up being one of the citizens being sitting on. Because, let’s face it, you are not likely becoming the strongest one.

However, like those who had to steal for bread hundreds years ago, unemployed locals criticise immigrants, which in fact, from my point of view, is understandable. Because after all, no one enjoys unwilling unemployment. Suggestions though: get better education, because soon the cheapest labour will be roberts that are happy to work 24 hours with “0” complain, no passports required, no pension funds required, no degree required, and worst of all, no wage required. No humans can compete with them. They are literally Roborts with no life. Think how fast mobile technology has grown last ten years? Once the robort technology pass the test, bulk production will spread the whole world within few years. Worst of all, Roberts can reproduce Roberts.  Their reproducing speed is unlimited. If you think isolating your country can protect your job, even if you succeed, after less than one decade, congratulations, your mother land will be the least developed country in the world. By then you will try your best to immigrant out. Today, it’s because of the high technology and cheap labour in other countries, you get lower living lost and lower education cost, which allows you to study in the university without working. So appreciate it and make use of the chance now. I personally feel sorry for those unemployed, I know it’s a bit hard for them to adapt to this fast growing world. However, it’s still better than hundreds years ago, because of the low efficiencies, some times people had to kill simply just for food or sex.

So what can those extra work force do if all those easy boring labouring work will be taken by machines? Well. how about we forcus more on biological science? try to find cure for cancer or other deadly disease, or even death? Wouldn’t that be exciting if we all can live as long as we want and recover our skin to 10 year old while we turn 100?

or how about spending more time and energy searching the outer space more often? build residential places on other planets? don’t you want to go and have a look if there are other planets having small human tents?

what about human history and earth history? don’t you want to know how our earth looked like 10,000 years ago? do you want to know how our ancestries invented language and tools? don’t you want to know if dinosor really exist?

Think narrowly, your future will be narrowed with no path. Think more openly, you will get yourself a much brighter and happy future!